Solvent Recycling

We are experts in the field of solvent recovery and our extensive solvent recycling facility has an environmental permit and is regulated by the Environment Agency. 

At Rutpen, we specialise in discrete batch production for the rectification and recovery of solvents and solvent blends which can then be reused, realising considerable cost savings for the generator of the spent material.

Investing in specialist facilities

We have undertaken a major rebuild on the solvent recovery site during 2016 / 2017 with the construction of a new tank farm bund. New tanks, a new still and a full rainwater harvesting system are part of this major investment to ensure that we have a first-class solvent recycling facility, as well as reinforcing Rutpen’s ‘green’ credentials.

Our solvent capability also includes Solvent Blending.

All materials recycled for re-use

In our solvent recovery process at Rutpen there is no end disposal of residuals; all materials are recycled for re-use and all residues recycled for heat recovery. We also operate a discreet batch production system to ensure that there is no contamination with other solvent streams.

Laboratory facilities with GC & HPLC

Our ATEX-rated equipment allows safe and consistent filling of solvent blended products. With a product capacity in excess of 50,000 litres/day we fill to bottles, cans, drums and IBCs right through to tanker loads. We can blend solvents with low flashpoints (<0°C) and have a range of stainless steel mixing vessels equipped with variable speed stirring, recirculation, heating and cooling facilities. All waste is tested upon arrival by our development team to ensure the distillation is safe and effective for the product received.

Case Study 6

Printing Sector

“As a manufacturer of printing inks, the client handles a number of solvents on site to clean the equipment between products and needs to ensure that there is no contamination. It then must manage this waste product in the most environmentally-friendly manner.”

Case Study 7

Automotive Sector

“Solvent is used in automotive factories to clean the robot paint machines between different coloured paint sprays, which can be as frequently as every few minutes. This means that there is a huge volume of solvent that needs to be recovered regularly.”

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