Licenced Products

As a service to existing customers, we at Rutpen have developed a niche in the chemicals market through the manufacture and marketing of a range of Licenced Chemical Products where the client has chosen to focus on other strategic priorities and licenced Rutpen to manufacture and sell directly to end users.

The development of our Speciality Products range started out as an individual request from one of our clients and has since grown into a number of specialist products that we are able to provide directly. It is not an area where we intend to develop our own chemical products in-house or in any way to compete with our clients in our core business areas of Chemical Contract Manufacturing and Solvent Recycling. We will only offer a limited set of niche chemical products where the ownership is transferred over by agreement with the product owner.

Key Benefits

  • Supply Guarantee

    Ensures continuity of supply of otherwise discontinued products to end users

  • Smooth Transition

    Ensures a smooth transition out of these business areas for our clients
  • Shorter Supply Chains

    One of the key benefits is to provide your business with shortened supply chains

  • Bespoke Manufacturing

    Enables us to develop our bespoke manufacturing capability for the benefit of brand owners and end users

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