Rutpen’s MD’s First Race

Last weekend Rutpens Managing Director Dave Roberts entered the Datsun 240Z into the CSCC Silverstone Spectacular; this was his first ever race! It’s a popular race with over 60 entrants so is split into two “grids” by engine size.

Dave was in group 2 for the larger engine cars, qualifying was first thing and starting at 18th on a grid of 30; pretty much mid field in the class!

When speaking to Dave he expressed how incredibly nervous it was being a standing start, the advise he was given was to hit first gear, 5000 revs and dump the clutch!

“I’d never done it before so just did what I was told said and managed to avoid a stranded TVR ahead on the grid & the field all made it through the first corner safely”.

“I pretty much worked & drove as hard as I could for 40 minutes and arrived exhausted and relieved to see the chequered flag. I didn’t really care where I had come, I was just elated to finish, but arrived back to the pits to discover I was third in class! Dazed and amazed I was presented with a trophy”.

Thanks to Stuart & Dan for coming out to Silverstone & to Dean Halsey & his team for their support and advice over the weekend, he runs another Datsun 240Z and came first in class!

A very well done from the team at Rutpen and we look forward to more trophies throughout the season from all the rutpen team!

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