Speciality Products

As a service to existing customers, we at Rutpen have developed a niche in the chemicals market through the manufacture and marketing of a range of Speciality Chemical Products where the client has chosen to focus on other strategic priorities and licenced Rutpen to manufacture and sell directly to end users.

The development of our Speciality Products range started out as an individual request from one of our clients and has since grown into a number of specialist products that we are able to provide directly. It is not an area where we intend to develop our own chemical products in-house or in any way to compete with our clients in our core business areas of Chemical Contract Manufacturing and Solvent Recycling. We will only offer a limited set of niche chemical products where the ownership is transferred over by agreement with the product owner.

Key Benefits

Ensures continuity of supply of otherwise discontinued products to end users

Ensures a smooth transition out of these business areas for our clients

One of the key benefits is to provide your business with  shortened supply chains

Enables us to develop our bespoke manufacturing capability for the benefit of brand owners and end users

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Speciality Products Summary

Our current Speciality Products includes Flocculant Blocks, Silicone Grease and Powdered Antifoam products and Case Hardening Compounds.


Specialist case hardening compound

Rutpen Case Hardening Powder is used to give a harder surface to steels and irons. Metal conditioning is achieved by placing the metalwork in a suitably sized box and filling with beta powder to cover it before placing it in an oven at 600-700ºC for at least 4 hours. Alternatively, the item can be heated to a dull red heat and rolled in the beta powder until a coherent coating is achieved.


Both synthetic anionic and cationic flocculants

The range of Rutpen Flocculant Blocks has been specially developed to slowly dissolve directly into an effluent flow and flocculate the associated suspended solids allowing discharge to foul sewer or surface drain rather than waters having to be tankered away for disposal. Typically used either directly in the effluent stream to be treated or suspended in a wire mesh basket under an outfall if the effluent has been concentrated into a pipe-work system. These products are available from our Online Shop.


Highly effective antifoam products

Rutpen’s Silicone Antifoam products are formulated to control and eliminate foam in a wide range of applications such as food production and processing, agricultural and plant feed applications, herbicides, pesticides and any area where it is beneficial to stop foam when dissolving powdered products in water. These products are non-ionic and are not chemically reactive so should not interfere with the systems in which they are added. Similarly they are not affected by the water hardness. Please contact us to find out more. This product is food grade and also meets Halal & Kosher standards.


High end technical product for engineering applications

Rutpen’s Silicone Grease range is based on a high molecular weight silicone fluid which makes it ideal under high temperature and pressure conditions and is WRAS registered. It is typically used as a lubricant and seal for rubber ‘O’ rings and for valves and taps in markets as diverse as automotive, potable water piping, general engineering and aerospace.

The product is available in three variants. Please make contact to find out more.

We are always happy to talk about your specific needs.

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