Solvent Blending

Our ATEX-rated production facility enables us to blend liquids and waxes with a low flashpoint for safe and consistent filling in a potentially flammable atmosphere.

Our skilled technical team can develop products to your specification, or we can produce a formulation to your specification. Either way, confidentiality is guaranteed for your complete peace of mind.

Extensive Capabilities

Our ATEX-rated facility enables us to undertake challenging chemistry in a controlled environment. We handle low flashpoint solvent liquids, gels, pastes and waxes and a wide variety of solvents above their flashpoint. Products are also ‘hot filled’ above their flash and/or set point to containers from 100ml up to 1000l.


This dedicated facility is separate from the main plant and offers flexibility in manufacture with over 300 square metres and separates bulk manufacture in vessels capable of batches ranging from 200 – 50,000L, equipped with simple, scraped and high shear mixing.


The variety of mixing vessels are all equipped with recirculation, heating and cooling allowing for a controlled production process in both manufacture and filling.


State of the art temperature-controlled filling equipment is provided for the smallest packages from 50ml to 1000ml, capable of handling tinplate and jars. This equipment is serviced with chillers, cappers and automatic label applicators. 


Products made in this facility include solvent cleaners, paint strippers, cosmetic building blocks, waxes, wood care, rust prevention, road maintenance, metal treatment adhesives and many other B2B products.

60,000LTR ATEX Blender

Case Study 4

“Following a factory fire, the original client needed a new manufacturing plant – and fast – for the manufacture of domestic / retail wood treatment products. This emergency response was a complex project due to the low flashpoint of the products and the need to produce a retail-quality product.”

Case Study 5

“The client prints designs on t-shirts and uses a liquid conditioner to cure inks within the printing process. The original supplier of the conditioner (and manufacturer of the equipment) was overseas and the local agent ceased supply to the UK, resulting in a cost and continuity issue, so the brief from the client was to develop an alternative liquid”

We are always happy to talk about your specific needs.

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