We have considerable experience working with leading brand owners through to ambitious start-ups, managing the contract manufacture of their chemical products to the very highest standards.

Chemical Blending Services

From pilot batches through to full production runs, we have considerable experience in blending liquids, powders and hazardous chemicals. We offer toll blending services to produce the formulations that you have supplied, or our skilled technical team can develop or improve the chemistry to produce what you need. It is all managed with total confidentiality for your complete peace of mind.

Liquid Blending

Small Scale to Tanker Loads

Our comprehensive liquid blending service is a core part of our business. The range of applications is endless with our client products ranging from air conditioner cleaners, car shampoos, paint stripper and washing up liquids to chemicals used in producing t-shirts.

Power Blending

From Consumer to P2P Products

The powders we produce might be caustic soda, charcoal or soap based dependent on the application. We handle everything from ant powders to industrial uses in automotive and aerospace

Solvent Blending

Under difficult conditions

We work at both ends of the spectrum from low flashpoint solvent blending through to high flashpoint blending of chemical products, such as cleaning waxes.

We are always happy to talk about your specific needs.

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