Case Study 2

Client: Multi-National Company


An existing client wanted to upgrade one of their UK based facilities that provided chemicals in bulk for the food and brewing sectors, but needed to continue servicing their clients while the engineering work was underway. Rutpen already provided a contracting service for this client, valued at £300-£350k per annum, producing packaged detergents for the food and brewing sectors.


The client approached Rutpen, as a trusted partner and highly experienced in working for organised chemical service providers, to offer a short-term solution. Working closely with the client’s planners and engineering team, Rutpen agreed to provide a dedicated 25,000L blending facility for the sole purpose of responding to the client’s needs. The following was completed in 16 weeks, in close liaison with the client’s planners, engineers and technical team:

  • Integrated 12 new ‘Bills of Materials’
  • Made trial samples and gained process approvals from the client’s technical team
  • Laid down raw material stocks commensurate with the projected demand
  • Installed a 25,000L dedicated process blender capable of loading out direct to bulk tankers.
  • Proved the process with several pilot and trial loads


Once the project was up and running, the client was able to commence work on their existing plant, in the knowledge that Rutpen would be ensuring seamless product flow to the end users. The project has a three-year life, with Rutpen constantly adapting the process to provide different products to allow the client to upgrade different parts of their facility.