Case Study 1

Client: Large International Company


The client has streamlined its own UK based facility to produce only aqueous (water) based products but still needs to service its existing client base with solvent based products for the foreseeable future.


Rutpen were approached and asked to consider the provision of a large solvent-based range of products packed in bulk – a total production over 500,000L per annum, in packages ranging from 1L to bulk with the majority of the production in 200L drums. With the potential to grow to 1,000,000L per annum, the client asked if Rutpen could offer ‘tight’ pricing with which the client could grow back into this declining market. Some internal areas were identified in order to meet the client’s needs, and the decision to invest in new equipment was made; one of the benefits of being independently owned.


Our successful handover of the final product and continued support meant that we were able to turn the group’s performance around – trading at a profit again by month five.