Back on Track!

After a long busy time at Rutpen during the Covid-19 madness its great to see the new look Civic and Datsun back on the track for a well-deserved spin!

The 2020 CSCC Season to finally to start at Thruxton in late July and we cannot wait!

After a good end to last year for both drivers the new Civic had a busy winter giving us the opportunity for interior modifications and improvements … oh and the new livery.

Stuart will be hoping for more success in the Honda Civic, if driver ability is not enough perhaps the blinding new graphics will be!

Dave is hoping to push forward on his top debut season and bring home even more trophies this season.


Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Support Update

Rutpen are keen to provide a quick update Alcohol Hand Sanitiser and what we have been doing over the last 6 weeks.

In response to the current Covid-19 crisis, we were asked by the Cabinet Office to prioritise the production of alcohol hand sanitisers and where possible support the NHS and other Essential Workers.  We are keen to work with anyone with direct links to support the NHS, care and key workers and have made key partnerships to achieve this goal.

We have a full TSDA1 (ethanol) licence and we have secured supply of this ongoing as well as the required packaging from a UK producer in order to fill to our capacity throughout April, May & June.
We are also working on long term supplies of UK produced packaging to allow us to continue production on an ongoing basis.

We are producing a 1,000cps 80% Alcohol gel packed into 500ml clear containers with flip caps with the view to progressing to pumps and adding a 250ml offering which is scheduled to launch in the coming months.

As an example of our long-term commitment to this project we are currently having the sanitiser tested for EN1276, EN14476 and EN1500 by a reputable UK company.

We are expecting the results for the EN1276 Bacterial & EN14476 Viricidal in the next 2-3 weeks but the EN1500 is currently on track for the end of May as things stand.

We will be producing around 16,000 bottles per day and are keen to give first offerings to supply chains that support the front line workers, NHS and care sectors.

We will continue to allocate orders weekly to prioritise in line with the above core value.

We have just launched the Alcohol Hand Sanitiser on our web shop with the view to control the distribution at a fair price in the market for small volumes even with the highly inflated Ethanol pricing we are getting currently.  

This will be monitored as Ethanol pricing moves in the market keeping a transparent fair price to the market for the long term!

A donation from every sale of our Alcohol Hand Sanitiser pack; this being a single box (12x500ml) or 4 box (4 x 12x500ml) will go to Brighter Futures Charity, donations are £100 per 4 box sale and £20 per 1 Box sale!

Please keep supporting our NHS and front-line workers who are getting us through this hard time!


Glad to help Tiny Rebel community support project

Rutpen are glad to see the benefits of the hard work put in developing our Hand Sanitiser in local communities.

We are really proud to see people pulling together in this tough time to think of those most at risk.

Tiny Rebel have supplied free Rutpen Hand Sanitiser to local schools, care homes and care centres and done so In a very creative way…

Check out their post on instagram here


About Our A9 – A10 Flocculant Blocks

Rutpen manufacture the A series of flocculant blocks which between them will treat most waste streams.

Flocculants are used for water treatment to assist the removal of suspended solids by flocculating them (i.e. causing small particles to clump together to make them sink/float.)

Floccucants are available in 2 forms; anionic and cationic. In general, an anionic will be effective against clays, salts and metal hydroxides, while cationic agglomerate silicas and organic substances.





Flocculant blocks are supplied in 3kg formed blocks and packed in boxes containing 8 blocks (24kg nett weight).

No special handling measure are required due to the non-hazardous nature of the product.

Visit our shop and try them now!


Team Rutpen finished the season on a high!

We are very proud of Team Rutpen after a double win at Donnington Park in very wet and rainy conditions!

Dave – Swinging Sixties Race Win

Race Start at 6min

Interview at 49min

Night Race at 5h 42min

After the Honda Civic debut last month Stuart was confident of a successful weekend…

Race 1 in the Turbo Tin Tops saw the car finish first with a 33 second margin, a great result in front of the Camera’s with the car also clocking fastest lap of the race.

Race 2 at night with a large 30+ grid qualifying 2nd and finishing 3rd overall, it was the team’s first adventure in night racing provided a mix of experience gained and a few close moments on circuit.

Stuart – Turbo Tin Tops Race win

Race Start at 3h 15min

Interview at 3h 50min

Night Race at 7h 4min


Rutpen Civic Debut at Thruxton Circuit Race Weekend!

Sunday 22.09.19 saw the debut of the Type R Honda Civic FK2 at Thruxton Circuit competing in the CSCC Turbo TinTops Series.

Not a great start with a difficult qualifying session in heavy rain combined with a competitor’s car fire dramatically reduced available time to a minimal number of laps.

None the less clear skies in the afternoon and with the track getting quicker Stuart Emmett finished 2nd overall and under 3 seconds from the leader.

Such good efforts also meant that Stuart claimed the Driver Of The Day trophy!!

Meanwhile… In the Swinging Sixties Group 2 the Datsun qualified well 7th on the grid and first in class.

Lights out and the Datsun went sideways for about 10 meters with loads off wheelspin, a place lost now running 2nd into the first corner settling into a busy track into Campbell & Cobb combination, a number of cars bumped and tagged each other through the bends the Datsun coming out unscathed having managed to narrowly miss a rotating Ford Mustang, but lost another few places in the process.

Settled into the race and started to gather in the cars that had cone past finally managing to pass two cars on the way into club.

Unfortunately, with all the great work throughout the front left hand tyre blew out at the fastest corner on the circuit, fortunately the grass was dry and plenty of space to let the car come to a safe stop.

The tyre was totally worn out and shredded, lessons learnt for next time to really make sure there is enough wear in all the tyres for the whole race!

None the less a great start with the new Civic… next up Donnington Park late October for the last race of the season!


Brands Hatch | Didn’t go as planned!

Team Rutpen attended Brands Hatch circuit this sunny bank holiday weekend.

After the great racing start this season Dave Roberts in the Datsun didn’t have the day we had all expected, with his first DNF (did not finish).

Both car and driver are in tacked and escaped with no injuries; albeit with the drivers pride bashed up a little!

On the positive Dave was able to get his licence signed off to step up to the global stage! Well done Dave!

Aside from this the MG continued as normal punching above its weight in class but expectations we’re not high given the sunny weather and a lot faster cars on the track.


Watch this space with Team Rutpens new car making its debut very soon!!!


Another great race weekend at Anglesey

With both the MG and Datsun in action at Anglesey, Rutpen enjoyed a very good show again!

Dave Roberts walked away with 2 trophies finishing 2nd (in class) Race 1 & 1st (in class) in Race 2 of the Adams & Page Swinging Sixties.

While Stuart Emmett and the MG is continuing to punch well above his weight in a tough Co-ordSport Tin Tops and Cartek Motorsport Puma Cup!

You can see the action though Marc Peters video highlights, here:

Full results are here:

John Aston interviewed many of the drivers and he gives his personal views on his first visit to Anglesey:

What a great track and weekend for all involved at team Rutpen!


Rutpen are excited to announce the addition of Jim McCartney to our team!

Jim has worked in partnership with Rutpen over several years and he brings some of his key products for use within the metal finishing industry.

metal blacking solution
metal blacking solution

We will be adding the core products to our website in the coming weeks which will fall in with our Specialty Silicone Greases and Floc Blocks

… watch this space!

Jim will also continue to manage his existing customer base supported by Rutpens added quality and level of service!

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