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We are chemical specialists who thrive on a challenge and are always open to talking about your project.

Our team

At Rutpen we have a highly experienced team of chemical specialists, with knowledge developed from almost 50 years of operating in this industry. Our large and diverse client base has been grown from a desire to solve complex chemical-related problems; we love a challenge!

Our skills are right across our core areas of Contract Manufacturing, Toll Blending and Solvent Recycling, including: technical, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. This is all underpinned with a strong belief in quality management, great service, the importance of confidentiality and a genuine care for our impact on the environment.   

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The Rutpen management teamRutpen's management team


Our history

Rutpen Ltd was established in 1970, originally to supply small pack solvents to industry. The company quickly acquired a reputation for fast innovative service, expanding into solvent recovery, powder and liquid blending. Sustained investment in premises and plant, and recruitment of highly qualified and experienced chemists and engineers over the ensuing years has developed Rutpen into today's multi-million pound, industry leading company. Despite the changes, Rutpen has never lost sight of the original aims; to provide the chemical industry with a high quality, confidential service without compromise.

1970  Rutpen Ltd established by David Whittle on the outskirts of Reading.
1975  Additional premises in Newbury & Reading.
1980  First building purchase at the decommissioned RAF Membury Airfield, replaces the site outside Reading.
1983  Further building purchases at Membury allowing relocation of powder and liquid blending from Reading.
1985  Opened satellite depot at Ipswich (relocated to Membury in 1992).
1987  Further facilities factories purchased at Membury, renovated and fitted out.
1987  Accredited to ISO 9001.
1995  Land purchased allowing relocation of solvent recovery site from Newbury to Membury.
1999  Purchase of WWII Type 2 aircraft hangar at Membury for increased storage capacity.
2002  Accredited to ISO 14001.
2006  Further land purchased at Membury increasing the site to over 12 acres.
2008  Further 13,000 square ft warehouse construction.
2012  New office and laboratory complex completed.
2013  Workshop expansion completed.
2017  Major solvent recovery investment.

The Rutpen chemical manufacturing site